Terms & Conditions

     Please read the following rules and regulations carefully. By using Golden Strategy services and wagering in the casino you fully accept and understand that all of the following terms and conditions apply. Golden Strategy is the trade name of the company, and you obtain no rights to such terms, nor any other terms, graphics, text, concepts or methodologies, by using the web site and the material contained therein.

     Please read the terms of use carefully before accepting them. Once you have accepted the Terms of Use, please print the terms of use and store them, along with all confirmation emails, additional terms, transaction data, game rules, fair deal rules and payment methods relevant to your use of the website. Please note that the terms of use are subject to change.

  1. The player is the age of legal majority in the jurisdiction in which a player resides.
  2. All Golden Strategy games are void where prohibited by law. Minors are strictly forbidden to play.
  3. Any site you can visit through Golden Strategy website is a real money casino; therefore all players' winnings and losses are in real money. Players wishing to play the games for fun only can login to their account in fun mode.
  4. When you open your account at any site you will be asked to provide us with personal information, including your name and date of birth and appropriate contact details, including an address, telephone number and e-mail address. You may update your contact details from time to time by contacting customer services or through the my account management page on the Website.
  5. Any site you can visit through Golden Strategy website makes every effort to ensure the full protection of its customers. However, certain unforeseen events are beyond the control of them. In the event of a disconnection for any reason whatsoever between the player and the casino, they shall not be held liable for any losses which may result there from. The balance of a player's account shall at all times be as recorded on the any casino games server.
  6. If you do not wish your contact details to be used by them and their business partners to contact you to inform you with marketing information relating to others of their goods, products or services or those of their business partners, please indicate that.
  7. By agreeing to the terms of use you authorize them to undertake any such verification checks from time to time as they may require theirselves or may be required by third parties to confirm these facts. You agree that from time to time, upon their request, you may be required to provide additional details in respect of any of such information You have provided them.
  8. It may be an offence for persons under the relevant age to make use of the website. If they are unable to confirm that you are the relevant age then they may suspend your account until such time that they are able to confirm that you are the relevant age.
  9. Members are only allowed one active account. Winnings will only be paid to players having ONE account. All winnings will be VOID for players with more than one active account. Any casino you can visit through Golden Strategy website allows only ONE account per computer, household, IP address unless permission is granted otherwise by them.
  10. Should a member give away, share or lose his account number and/or password they will not be held liable for any claims that may result from, or regarding that account. Members are solely responsible for their account transactions and should keep their account information strictly confidential.
  11. All cash-ins will be subject to audit before being processed. Players must provide a copy of their proof of identity, address, copies of credit cards and/or other appropriate documentation when withdrawing credits. Proof of identity must match the registered name and surname.
  12. They reserves the right to withhold play and/or payment from any party that they deems as fraudulent, also they may assess service charges to any account for services rendered to any fraudulent account.
  13. Any casino you can visit through Golden Strategy website reserves the right to cancel a player's membership at any time without notice. Any balance in your account will be immediately credited back to your personal account. In addition, they reserve the discretional right to void any winnings and withhold any balance in a player's Casino account under any of the following circumstances.
    • If there is evidence to suggest that a player has more than one active account for the casino
    • If the name on a player's casino account does not match the name on the credit card(s) used to make purchases in the casino account
    • If the name on a player's casino account does not match the name of the beneficial owner of the financial instrument used to make the deposit
    • If a player participates in a casino promotion and cashes-in before fulfilling the requirements of that particular promotion
    • If a player provides incorrect or misleading registration information
    • If a player is not of legal age
    • If a player resides in a jurisdiction where participation in gambling is prohibited by law
    • If a player has permitted (intentionally or unintentionally) anyone else to play using his casino account
    • If a player has not played at the casino on an individual basis for personal entertainment only
    • If a player has reversed or charged back any of his purchases in his casino account
    • If a player is found cheating or if it is determined by them that he has used a system or machine, be it an additional computer, additional software or otherwise. Also any system used to circumvent the natural randomness of our systems and or collection of data to or from the gaming server for analysis purposes during real money play
  14. One Bonus amount per account, customer, household, shared computer, shared IP address.
  15. Any casino you can visit through Golden Strategy website can at any time run different promotions for new accounts. Only one new player promotion coupon can be redeemed per new player account at any one time.
  16. Bonuses are made available on a regular basis at any casino you can visit through Golden Strategy website. These are offered as a reward to all our regular and loyal/VIP players. However, any player found to be availing of these promotions, not in the spirit in which they are given, may be subject to exclusion.
  17. Free Spins on top of a deposit bonus have to be completed at the specified game before any other game can be played with the deposit bonus. The free spins do not change the terms and conditions of the deposit bonus.